Spirit Aid care about our communities and need your help to make a difference, We are a Scottish humanitarian relief organisation dedicated to alleviating the suffering of children and young people whose lives have been affected by poverty, neglect, abuse, lack of opportunity, humanitarian crisis or even blighted by war.

Spirit Aid Festive Season
Spirit Aid Festive Season

There can be no doubt that Christmas is a special time of the year to many, for some it is the most exciting time of the year, for the team at Spirit Aid though it is the most inspirational time in the year.

There is a wonderful consistency about the kindness and generosity of the people of Scotland during the Festive Season and an incredible understanding that when times are challenging, the people of Scotland understand the need for them to rise to the challenges.

In 2020, Scotland and the rest of the world lived through a pandemic that brought illness, job loss, poverty and hardship for many. For the previous 15 years the Spirit Aid Team felt comfortable that the increasing demand for help and support from families living in poverty would always be met, we at Spirit Aid have always had faith on the Scottish people to be kind, generous and supportive! But a pandemic changes things, we all have doubts and uncertainties, and that is how everyone at Spirit Aid felt, we were worried. Within days of launching the Spirit Aid Christmas Toy and Food Hamper Appeal we were stunned by the reaction of the Scottish People, there was great energy and enthusiasm to show those in need that the people were on their side.

Everyone in the Spirit Aid Team was uplifted by not only the quantity but also the quantities of the toy and food donations as well as the offers of volunteering on a scale not seen before. Thousands of Children enjoyed a better Christmas and hundreds of families didn’t face the burden of worrying about feeding their children. From Fife to Ayrshire the Spirit Aid Team and their band of volunteers delivered hope and real tangible help and support. But the reality is that Spirit Aid could not have done this without the Scottish People who really stepped up to the plate and made it all possible.

There are thousands of people living in Scotland who can take great joy from their acts of giving and kindness, the people truly united in a display of kin, compassion but most of all action. As the Spirit Aid Team look forward to the ever-increasing challenge in the New year, we take great hope and confidence in knowing that the Scottish people care as much as we do!

Thank you to each and every one of you for supporting our work and making a difference to this living in need.