Art Project
Art Project


Everyone at Spirit Aid is excited about our new project which is quite simply about giving opportunities to young people, we will be working with to provide financial support that will allow children to develop their natural talents and abilities whether it be through drama, music or dance. Spirit Aid will look to fund children in every school who may struggle to pay for tuition, but have real talent and ability, we want to support our young people in fulfilling their potential and creating the possibility that they could go on and enjoy a career in the Arts.

Spirit Aid will work in partnership with schools and our donors to fight poverty of opportunity facing our young people, we want to see the children’s talent flourish and ensuring poverty does not hinder their future choices.


Spirit Aid Receives No Public Funding and 90% of what you donate goes to our Communities and our Projects. As a charity, we rely heavily on the goodwill of others who share our ideals and desire for change. Without the help and involvement of you, we would not be able to continue the work we do. We are always looking to hear from anyone who would like to help us with our fundraising activities. If you are looking to organise an event to raise funds for Spirit Aid, then we can provide you with a help pack to get you started. Just contact us through our contact page to get the ball rolling.