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Why being charitable is beneficial to your business

Charities and non-profit organisations are always on the lookout for any additional help or funding to assist them in accomplishing their goals, and donating to these organisations is not only morally a good thing to do but can provide major benefits to your business.

In the ever-growing era of social media, companies seen as being charitable will earn a good reputation in the business market and will heighten the chance of a person or company wishing to trade with them.

Benefits of Becoming an Ambassador

Tax Deductions
Sponsorships of charities or events, donations of goods or services and financial donations are generally always tax-deductible. On your income taxes, it is possible you will be able to claim charitable contribution deductions on any contributions or volunteering expenses. You will be able to cross out the mileage driven to and from volunteer work, as well as material costs on items purchased during volunteer projects. For your tax deduction, the non-profit organisation or charity will need to issue a tax form.
Employee Happiness
62 per cent of 18–26 year-olds, when questioned in a 2007 study on volunteering, stated they: “would prefer to work for a company that offers employee volunteer opportunities.” Having the above approach for your business increases the likelihood of attracting the right type of candidates you want working for you if offering volunteering as part of your company’s vision and work experience. Involving your company with community initiative is a fantastic way of boosting morale and employee happiness.
A great way of generating interest in your business is by sharing a photo or video content of your charitable and volunteering works. There is a high chance for the organisation or charity you are working with will promote your business on their website, social media and other sources. Spirit Aid will promote your business on here on our sponsorship page, including your company logo and a backlink to your website.
New business + customer support
You can build on existing relationships and develop new ones, through giving back to your community. Taking part in charitable programs shows your existing and potential customers that you have true care about your community.
Moral Fulfilment
Putting aside the tax and publicity benefits, the biggest benefit of having your business support a charity is the feeling you get from giving to others. As a business, you have the power to stand up against poverty, human rights violations and more. You have the chance to make a huge difference in other lives, through the support of your community. One of the most powerful and inspiring aspects of being a business owner is the spirit of giving and making a difference in the community. Speak with us today and find out more on how supporting our charity, can have endless benefits to your business, your employees and most importantly you!
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