Thank you for taking part in the Kiltwalk 2022!
Thank you for taking part in the Kiltwalk 2022!

What a wonderful turnout for the Glasgow Kiltwalk with so many fantastic Spirit Aid walkers taking part.

We hope that you all had a wonderful day and enjoyed the experience!

Spirit Aid will keep in touch in the months ahead and update you on the work we are doing in our communities, this will hopefully let you see what a difference your efforts have made in enabling our projects.

Can we just remind you that all donations must be received through the Kiltwalk or through your Just Giving Page before midnight on May the 3rd to benefit from the 50% top up from the Hunter Foundation.

We are living in troubled times just now, but on Sunday we witnessed first hand that there is still so much care and goodness in people, the entire Kiltwalk was simply about people like you, choosing to make a difference in their community!

You all deserve the medal you received on Sunday.