The Spirit Of Education
The Spirit Of Education

The last few months have seen a lot of news and media interest in the Footballer Marcus Rashford and his campaign around feeding children of school age when the schools are closed.

Whilst it is always welcome when light is shone on poverty issues, there seems to be a glaring issue that has been missed by the Politicians and the media.

The big unanswered question must be, why is this issue a reoccurring one every school holiday period?

The grind of living in poverty affects families 52 weeks of the year, it is a relentless and worrying burden for parents and it can take a huge toll on a child’s education and outlook on life.

Spirit Aid work with many schools, we welcome that there are various measures taken by Politicians in Scotland to try and ease poverty levels and it’s relentless nature, but more needs to be done.

We at Spirit Aid have been hugely impressed by the number of teachers and support staff within our schools who day in and day out go the extra mile to support children in their care.

Education is a golden opportunity for children to improve their lives and contribute to their community and Spirit Aid will always strive to help and support in any way we can.

We at Spirit Aid have hope for the future, we see first hand the care and devotion of those who work on our schools, and with your support, we will be there to make a difference in any way we can